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Fast Facts

Video-based learning

All challenges and questions posed to children are video-based, created by our EdTech Educators. Kids respond to challenges by recording their achievements and learnings on their phone or tablet. Then they upload their video to their profile to aid in the learning of other kids (and keep track of their accomplishments)!

Safe and secure

The online safety of our users, as well as their personal details, is at the forefront of our minds. The platform is closely and regularly monitored to ensure all responses and activity comply with our House Rules.

Designed with your 5 - 12 year-old in mind

We know what makes kids tick. So whether it's a good giggle, the opportunity to be creative while learning, the freedom to explore or a dose of encouragement that will help your youngster reach their full potential, you can count on us to provide all that and more!

Free to join

It's completely free to sign up and get going. So dive right in! But do note that some challenges require special but inexpensive ingredients (such as motors) that can be bought through The Mind Lab or sourced elsewhere.

Led by our superhero Edtech Educators!

Recognise them? That's because it's the very same team that heads our lab's School Holiday Programme and guides our school visits, day by day. Once the work day's over, however, they morph into...

Coco & co

Professor D

Pineapple Eros

Oopsie Daisy

Viking Rich

What our founder has to say

The latest brainchild of our founder, Frances Valintine

"The website asks kids to think about how things work, how a thing has come together, or how it could been recreated or improved. It's built with discovery and inquiry in mind."

- Frances Valintine

A few words from our founder Frances Valintine...

Create | Innovate | Share

The Mind Lab by Unitec

Est 2013

New Zealand's premier future-focused learning lab.

  • School Holiday Programme
  • School Group Programme
  • Partnered with Unitec in April 2014
  • Taught over 100,000 kids
  • NZ's largest Postgraduate Programme - Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital & Collaborative Learning)
  • Taught over 3,500 teachers, in 40+ locations
  • Launched Tech Toolbox for adults in February 2017
  • Launched in March 2018

Mind Lab Kids

Est 2016

Video-based learning platform by kids for kids

  • Tailor-made for 5-12 y/olds
  • Free to join
  • Hands-on learning
  • Safe, fun and future-focused

So how does it work?

Taking the challenge

One of our Superhero Edtech Educators uploads a challenge, and shows how they did it!

Collaborating and creating

Your little one hunts around the house for the ingredients, gets busy making it, and captures their process.

Getting feedback

They upload the response to the site to show their besties how it's done!

See what our whizzes have created so far!


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By xdfortnitefan

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By Donut

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