About Mind Lab Kids

Mind Lab Kids allows kids in New Zealand and beyond access a bunch of suuuper fun learning challenges, all of which are completely doable at home.

Why? Well, our physical labs (located in Christchurch, Gisborne and Auckland) are constantly met by an endless stream of parents, all searching for ways to recreate that trademark Mind Lab magic at home.

We also want to give kids agency to lead their learning in a direction that they choose, while putting those after school hours and standard home technologies (that have so much unused potential) to use!

So here it is, folks! And thank us later for simultaneously providing a purpose for all that baking soda, tin foil, cardboard and other household items that usually go to waste.

Who better to sum up the site than our founder Frances Valintine? Her vision for The Mind Lab Kids is to take technology-enabled, home-based learning to the world, and we’re already making that happen…



Frequently asked questions:

How does it work?

The platform allows kids to watch our Educators share a challenge step-by-step. Kids get the chance to watch videos uploaded by other Kiwi kids... After that, it’s their turn to get busy creating and recording a video for other members to watch!! Easy peasy.

Can more than one child share an account?

We believe every child should shine with their own video fame! We recommend kids create their own accounts so that they can have their own channel of their videos and keep track of their favourite videos to watch again... When accounts are first created they are approved by an email link to a parent or guardian email address. For security reasons, each child will need to use a different parent email address for validation.

If I haven't received a confirmation email what do I do? 

Start with checking your spam folder just to make sure it hasn't get caught in there. If you still haven't received it please email mindlabkids@themindlab.com with your child's username and name so we can activate the account for you. 

What will my child need to fill in to create a profile?

Your child simply provides their name, username, age, profile image (optional) and an email address for their parent or guardian providing website signup approval. No further information is required.

What about the serious stuff, like keeping my kid’s personal details private and secure?

First and foremost we are committed to protecting data and to online security. For further details please read our Privacy Policy here.

? Can’t see the question you were looking for?

Just give us a call on +64 9 964 4444 and we’ll happily get that answered for you.
Alternatively, you can reach us at mindlabkids@themindlab.com!

Complete challenges and upload your own solutions!

On Mind Lab Kids you can learn cool skills like how to build robots, creating video games and solar driven cars. Upload a video or image of your solution, and be in to win cool prizes!

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